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Assembly [Both Schools]

Characters: Everyone and all
Format: Whatever you like
This log is: Open
Location: Battle Arena
Summary: The final assembly and the start of the final week of Rakuen begins. Players are announced as normal yet something is not right.
Sunday dawns grey and raining with darker clouds on the horizon. Sudents and teachers alike will probably get a sense that something is wrong when they go to breakfast, the townspeople that work in the cafeterias look grim and work in complete silence as they hand out breakfast. All screens display the same message; Please may all students report to the Battle Arena at 12 Noon for assembly.

As you make your way from Campus to the Battle Arena you will notice stares from the townspeople. The same people who once went crazy cheering you in the tournament and smile at you kindly as you wander the shops on rest day look at you warily; some even pityingly.

Dunleavy looks as grim as you will ever see her. "I warned you last week, and I don't feel that I was serious enough... Perhaps I should have done more to explain to you the importance of what you do here, why you are here and for that I apologise." Dunleavy hated apologising but in this case she was heartfelt.

"I must stress to you how important it is that you keep fighting, no matter how hard it gets. Things may get a little weird this week but I have ever faith in you all. You can fix this. Fight as much as you can, make strong vows. Protect each other. Continue working towards your goal. You know by now we are limited in what help we can give you but we will do our best to help you if you come to us." She tried a smile, it failed a little.

"I am about to announce the Players of this week but first I want to give you something. Hopefully you will not need to use them but if you do... you will know when the time is right."

Day and Nanami move to the end of the rows to hand a box with what look like plain memory charms, touching them does nothing and they explain they are to be clipped to your charm bracelets.

Once they were handed out the screen appeared and flickered to life. "The Players for this round are, for Conquest: Ein, Cirno and Suzaku Kururugi. For Fortitude: Merlin, Nanami Asagi and Sora Himoto. Good luck and please heed my warning."

And after that ominous address that explained very little Dunleavy stepped back, she stuck around though in case anyone wished to speak to her.
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Shion took the memory charm and clipped it to his bracelet looking worried. He didn't really know what was going on, and his name wasn't called but he looked around for someone to vow with. After all if he couldn't help by fighting he could help by being a weapon.

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Suzaku sat near the back listening with a frown, he had never heard the mayor so serious even when she had punished him and Lelouch...

When his name was called out again he looked for Vane and anyone else who seemed like they needed a Player.
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"Have they ever been so serious before?" Vane inquired as he approached his partner, already glancing at the mark on his hand which signified their bond.
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Suzaku shook his head, "Day is usually angry but they seem... worried." He looked up at Vane, "It doesn't sound good, whatever is happening."
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Kaoru and Hikaru are together, as usual

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"Hey~! Suzi-kun!"

The twins make there way through the crowd over to Suzaku, a little too excited for the present atmosphere. Then again, when were they not balls of energy?
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Suzaku ignored the nickname but nodded at them as they approached. "Hello Kaoru, Hikaru."
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Hikaru still flinched with a headache as his memory reset over his name. Again.

"So, Suzi-kun! How about being our player?"
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Suzaku shrugged apologetically. "Yes if you wish to be my Weapons." He looked between them and nodded, "I promise to protect you both."
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"We've got your back man. Promise!"

The twins give Suzaku identical grins.
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He nodded at them, "Thank you."
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The stares and the silence had the fairy worried and she was also quiet. She clips the charm onto her bracelet and pulls the broach off of her dress. This was bad...she could feel it and she didn't like it at all.

After sitting there a moment, Cirno stands up on her seat and looks about before speaking, loud enough to hear but still very soft and nervous, "Anyone need a player, I'll take you."

She would stand there for a while, because after this, she had something she had to do.
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Yuka looked pensive. Fighting as much as possible...

Actually, that sounded like a lot of fun to Yuka. But it still felt like something was missing...

It was with such thoughts distracting her that she approached Cirno. "Would you like to vow with me again this time?" she asked quietly. She hoped the fairy wouldn't be upset about her vowing with Suzaku the previous round, but she'd thought it would be a bad idea to let him percolate too long.
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She's quiet for a moment but then gives a small smile. After looking around and not seeing Becca last round, she'd been at least trying to keep an eye on the people she knew and cared about.

"Of course Yuka. Why would I not want to?"

She was still shaken over the punishment and everything that happened last round but she wasn't going to hold it against anyone. The whole situation right now just scared and made her want to protect and help everyone she could.
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Yuka smiled and shrugged. "I guess it's not important."

Then she realized something. "Oh! I got something for you, but I didn't bring it with me. Can you come by my room this evening?"
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The fairy nods and smiles, "If you say so Yuka. I vow to protect and fight along side you, Even in this dark time."

It seems she's understanding the feeling around campus and town.

"Okay Yuka, I can do that. Hopefully not to hurt. I'm going to the tower after this..There's something I gotta do there."
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"And I'll do everything I can for you, no matter what happens."

"The tower?" Yuka was pretty sure Cirno had been avoiding those before. It must be something important. "Would you like me to come along?"
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After Cirno vows with Yuka

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It wasn't difficult to spot Yuka in the dwindling crowd. As Aria headed towards her, she noticed Yuka in conversation with Cirno. Aria decides to head over to her as well.

"Um, Cirno? I know you don't really know me all that well, and I apologize for not getting to know you before now. I'm Aria."

Aria holds out her hand in hopes of a handshake.
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The fairy takes a moment but then smiles and shakes the offered hand.

"It's good ta meetcha then Aria. You already know my name so that works."

She's letting herself be a little bit silly, although she's still looking serious and nervous at the same time.

"Are ya a weapon? I'll protect ya if you want!"
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"I am. Would you really do that for me?" [Cirno just saved Aria from having to beg her to let her stay with Yuka.]

"I will do my best to protect you in return!"
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Merlin noticed the stares and they made him feel strange. The assembly even more so and when his name was called he looked around for people who he could vow to. And Arthur.
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Sora yawned. Apparently she'd been asleep for a couple weeks or so, so she wouldn't have thought she'd be at all tired, but somehow it still happened.

The situation was kind of worrying too, with the mayor sounding so serious... some of the people she knew seemed to be missing too. Were they asleep like she had been, or was it something else?

Well, there wasn't any point in worrying about it now. She'd heard her name called, but she'd been a Player at least a couple times recently, so it was probably her turn to be a Weapon. So who should she vow with?

Asagi... she didn't know him very well, but he seemed... a bit scary. She could work with people who were a bit scary, she'd certainly done so in the past, but... not this time, she thought.

Sora... they'd done well together in the past, but didn't the mayor say once they should form bonds with many different people? (If she hadn't, it still sounded like a good idea to her!)

So that left Merlin. His class left her incredibly confused most of the time, but she still liked him. Also, there were no other choices, but that wasn't as important.

"Hey, Merlin!" she shouted as she ran over to him. "Want to vow with me?"
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Merlin flinched as his memory reset, something he had come to learn meant someone was saying his name and turned to smile at Sora. One of the Sora's was a Player; he wasn't sure how they knew which one but obviously they did. And apparently it was the other Sora, which meant the Sora approaching him was a Weapon.

"Of course," he smiled, "I promise to protect you whilst you are my Weapon."

Headaches; it was something he never got used to.
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"Oh, sorry about that." She'd forgotten about that... she'd always been good at remembering names, so it was hard for her to believe that someone could actually not remember their own.

"Yes! Please take care... huh?" Sora broke off when she noticed that nothing had appeared on her hand.


"Ehehe." She rubbed the back of her head sheepishly. "I guess I'm a player again after all..."
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Merlin smiled at her, apparently she hadn't known after all. "I hope you find some Weapons then. Maybe you could ask the other Sora?"
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Things being strange?

...Here? Ein wasn't sure it was possible.

But there had to be someone from Conquest that would be his Weapon this week. He wouldn't fail this time.

Or ever again, if he had his way.
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"So...what kinda weird things are gonna happen?" Because isn't this place weird enough as is? It was one of those moments of clarity that he has from time to time that pointed that out.
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"I don't know." Suzaku was close enough to hear America speak, "But I get the feeling it's not going to be the nice kind of weird."
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"Don't worry about that dude! The Hero will take care of it." Even if he didn't know what was happening.
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"I hope that you can..." Somehow he thought it was probably greater than America's skill as a hero.
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"Of course I can! So don't worry about it!" Everything would turn out alright in the end, he figured.
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"Very well." Suzaku didn't sound like he believed him but he nodded anyways.
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Asagi clips his charm to his bracelet, smoking as usual despite rules that might be in place. He looks around, waiting to see if anyone will approach him to be their player.
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Shion sees him nearby and approaches, though he is still wary of Asagi in general he knew him and wanted to help him.
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"Shion," Asagi greeted with a smile. He couldn't blame Shion for being wary.
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"Hello Asagi..." He gave a small smile back, "Do you need a Weapon?"
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Asagi looked a little surprised, "Are you sure I'm the person you meant to ask?"
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Shion swallowed and nodded, "No one should be without a Weapon, and you don't seem to have one yet."