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Post disappearance

((OOC: This is the post for any characters who disappear during the course of the ending. As described here))

You finish your message, however long or short. Unlike the last time you were here you do not seem to have manifested a body, but the door opens regardless and you exit that grey room into the world outside...
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The world was a slum town, pieced together houses leaning on each other, like the West Town in many ways but devoid of life. Shion floated through still a little numb. He felt glad that they could help the next group succeed, but the fact they had failed, that they couldn't go home.

That he wouldn't see Rat again, wouldn't be able to save him, who knew what was happening back home?

Was this world all there was now, this empty world. Hello? He could hear voices on the wind but chasing them led to nothing, Can anyone hear me?