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One for one...

Characters: Cirno and Anyone!
Format: Any!
This log is: Open
Location: Battle Arena Tower- Backdated to Assembly day, after the assembly or Elsewhere afterwards
Summary: Cirno has something she needs to do
Warnings: None I know of?

After the assembly, Cirno marched her way over to the tower and stood in front of it with a determined look on her face. She pinned the ice sword broach back on her dress and takes a breath, watching the door. She never wanted to deal with the Shadows again but...She had to. It was important.

She's going to stand there a while, just trying to psyche herself up into going in and fighting for what she is after.
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Suzaku followed her, sensing her mood and having a feeling she shouldn't be left alone. When she stopped outside the tower he approached slowly. "Cirno?"

He still felt guilty whenever he saw her, but he also felt like he should protect her.
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"I came to check on you. No one should probably be alone." It could get dangerous...
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Suzaku nodded, "That's true. Do you want me to come with you?"
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"I'll come with you." He nodded at her trying to be reassuring.
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Suzaku is right behind her. "You don't have to do this if you don't want."
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"You can fight it." Suzaku sounded sure about that, trying to be reassuring.
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Suzaku was right behind her, ready to face his shadow. Painful words, this was not an experience Suzaku liked, even with the possibility of a memory afterwards.

Memories were painful as well. None dropped this time and he stood blinking in the tower, waiting for Cirno.
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Yuka tried to smile reassuringly, but mostly she just looked embarrassed.

She kept telling herself that it just wasn't practical to bring her parasol with her if she was going inside a tower. And the fact that it was true helped a bit. It still wasn't enough to make her feel comfortable standing like this in front of friends, even if she was sure they'd be too polite to say anything.
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"It's fine, I want to," Yuka said, but she was still noticeably red-faced and fidgety.

Then she realized that she had an option that wasn't available on her previous visits. She was a little hesitant to bring it up directly, but maybe it would be better... In a very quiet voice she asked, "Would you... draw my weapon and give it to me?"
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Yuka sighed deeply as she took her parasol from Cirno and set it over her shoulder. She was still blushing a little bit, but had otherwise calmed down. In the same quiet voice (since she still didn't really want to draw attention to herself) she said, "Thank you."
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Yuka looked away for a moment. "It's not safe to bring my parasol with me to the tower, since if I lose it could get lost. But without it, everyone can see my..."

There were two reasons why Yuka trailed off. One was that it wasn't really something she wanted to talk about that much.

But more importantly, she found she wasn't actually sure what it was that everyone could see. Just that she had it, and she didn't want to give just anyone a look at it.