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Remembering things isn't always easy.

Characters: Cirno, Yuka Kazami [AU]
This log is: closed
Location: Yuka's room (Backdated to Sunday evening)
Warnings: Possible angst?
Yuka sat in her room, doing a little reading while she waited for Cirno to arrive.

Mostly she felt anticipation, but there was a bit of worry too. Even if this was the moment she was waiting for, she couldn't be sure where things would go from here, not after everything that had happened. But whatever came, she was still determined to do everything she could for the people she loved.

Though she really hoped it wouldn't be much longer...
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After a while, there was a simple knock on the door. Cirno had taken a bit longer then she expected, working with the weapon she had gotten out of the tower, just in case it was needed.

"Hey Yuka..It's me! Can I come in?"
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Cirno opens the door and peeks in, smiling before heading in and shutting the door behind her. No weapon on her, as she at least had the idea to leave it behind on her bed. She's looking a bit more cheerful at the very least!

"Whatcha readin'?"

And completely miss why she came by.
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Now that I'm done forgetting things >.<

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"Oh...A lot of books seem that way" Of course, only to her but that's another story for another time. She peeks at the cover for a moment and then nods a bit. She stands there for a moment but smiles brightly, as if she never forgot why she came by.

"What did you need Yuka?"
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XD I was just talking about that when this hit my inbox

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Cirno just blinked and opened the package. A soft smile crossed her features and she just hugs Yuka gently. Not one of her normal sudden hugs, because she was still on edge from the atmosphere of the town right now.

"Thank you..I wonder what it will be about this time....."

She clips the charm onto her bracelet and goes to her knees. Such a large memory and what came with it just floored her. But after a while, her eyes focused again and a fearful look was in her eyes. What did she get back and why did she look so afraid?
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When Yuka speaks, she curls up, her head meeting her knees and her arms covering her head. She is shaking, so unlike her but with this memory...So much understanding came from it and a lot of unhappy knowledge.

"....If you are going to hit me, get it over with and I can go away....I didn't hurt any flowers this time!"

She's really not thinking, just reacting at this point.
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Cirno would not move, except for the bit of shaking her wings were doing. She just sat there in her ball for a while. Even hearing what Yuka said, she was really scared and that hurt. What was going on here?

After a while though, she does peek back up, her arms still covering her head, "I know the Garden of the Sun is yours...and you dun like people going there...But I can't become a Sunflower...I'm a fairy."

She looks very confused and then sits all the way up, just not understanding what was going on, "I...I don't understand either Yuka. That memory that I have of you and what I know don't match...."
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It took a moment, but she brought her courage back up and pulled herself slowly out of the position she was in. She was just as upset as she was before but she wanted to figure it out.

"I dunno why that would be different...I mean..I remember everyone now...Like Marisa, Sanae and Alice and...That's who that person was..Remilia was my roommate."

She was counting them off on her fingers as she spoke the names. Although just something didn't seem right.

"I even remember those 3 jerk faces who messed up my home."
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"Sunny, Luna and Star destroyed my home and declared war on me. So I threw a Ice Arrow at their door and took off to find them and defeat them!"

She looks rather proud of this and straightens even more, her hands on her hips. She's obviously very thrilled at the outcome of it all.

"I beat them up and then took on Marisa and won! Although I still kinda wonder how they got Dai and Lily to join them...Maybe they broke their homes too?"

She never asked. Way to go Cirno. Although she was a bit worried about that frown...

"Why? What's wrong Yuka?"
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Standing up and walking over to Yuka, Cirno looked very confused. Although she was being very careful on what she did and how, she put a hand on Yuka's arm.

"No you are not....Why do you say that?"

She didn't understand at all and really wanted to at this point. She just wasn't sure she really want the answer though...Why did the memory not match what she knew?
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Cirno's face falls at the thought of all this. All this time, thinking they had always been friends..and then finding out the technically didn't even know each other?

It hurt a lot but at the same time, made her think back. There was another she had known awhile back....

"So kinda like the Sakuya a while back..Who was a boy and not a girl....But doesn't that mean we don't know each other at all?"

At this, she takes a step back. So even if she went home...There was a chance she'd never see even people she thought she knew ever again.
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It was taking her a moment to understand it all but the good thing was she didn't flinch or try to pull away. Cirno is quiet, nodding along to Yuka's words, pausing at the last part. Cirno blinks a bit and tilts her head at something that had her stumped...although it's a bit quiet. Someone else considered her family before she had vanished...

"Family? How so Yuka?"

She slowly moves to give Yuka a hug, a tight one as she was slightly afraid it meant Yuka was about to vanish on her.

"Can you tell me what your Gensokyo is like?"
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"Married? What's that like? What is she like?"

Cirno is obviously excited. She wants to know anything she can learn...Even though later on she might think back on these things sadly. But right now, only excitement.

"Are the others different too?"