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The end of time (Friday)

Characters: Everyone who is left and then later Suzaku and Cirno
Format: Whatever
This log is: Open
Location: In town and then by the lake
Summary: On Friday there are only players left. Then everyone who is not also a prefect disappears, leaving Cirno and Suzaku
Warnings: Overabundance of tragic
[Before 5pm] How had it come to this? Suzaku let the shaking rock him as the final tower doors slammed shut and looked around the city. All he could see were shadows though he knew there were others here, the other Players.

There was no longer anything to do, and so Suzaku set off walking, looking for those others. Because if this was the end, and he didn't want to think that, he wanted to believe there was something that could do. If Lelouch was here maybe he would have thought of something. Something brilliant and insane to save them all.

But he wasn't and so Suzaku walked through the city. "Cirno? Sora? Ein? Asagi? Merlin?" They must be somewhere.

[After 5pm at the lake] Suzaku wished it would just be over, there was nothing more to do. Even the shadows seemed to be quieter now. Part of him feared that it wouldn't be, that he and Cirno would be trapped here in this city alone. Why hadn't they disappeared with the others? Suzaku threw a stone into the lake and watched the ripples lost in thought.
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5PM Lake

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Cirno was frightened to say the least, seeing everyone disappear and just not return. She was sitting there as still as can be and just watching but after a while, she speaks, not liking the silence nor the feeling of being so utterly alone in the city.

"Suzaku...What do we do? What did we do wrong?"
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5PM Lake

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The fairy sighs a bit, She was at a loss of what was expected of them now and also a fear of never seeing anyone again. "I kinda wish we all could have figured this out..Maybe we'd have done the right thing...Or still be here."

She sniffles a bit and rubs at her eyes, fighting the urge to just break down and give up. "Does this mean we will never see everyone again? Never leave? Or will we actually...die?"

Even though dying was a concept she slightly understood, she didn't like the idea of it at all.
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she shook her head a bit and tries to smile at the very least, "Maybe everyone else got to go home....I don't know. But..I'm kinda scared...Fairies don't die for good..but I think if I do.."

She's quiet again for a moment, just looking at the sky, "Do you think we might be a payment for everyone else leaving?"
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Cirno just frowned at the trailing off, "I dunno, Maybe one girl and one boy? It kinda makes sense but..."

She pulled her knees to her chest and thinks on this for a moment and smiles, It's faint but it is a smile,"If so..I'm happy to give up going home for them. Yeah, I'll miss everyone and the Danmaku battles and such but...If it means they are happy and at home? I'll give it up."

Who is this and what have they done to the fairy? She's sounding like she has the wisdom of someone her age finally.
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"War huh? Wars are scary and unhappy but it sounds like you had the way to stop it. Maybe it worked and things are okay?" Cirno didn't know but she was at least hoping so.

She's quiet for a moment, just staring at the water. After a moment or two she slams a fist on the ground, "Why can't there be a sign or something? What do we do? Do we just wait around? Miss Mayor lady said fight but without weapons or magic, How? Are we just to wait for death or more people ta be stuck in here like us?"

Her wings flutter in aggravation. She wanted things to be okay but...this whole thing bothered her.
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"I would say the towers but they are closed..Where else could we even look?"

She stands and looks about, "Should we try the schools or maybe the Mayor lady's house?" She really does not know herself, just trowing out ideas at this point. She would follow because being alone right now was not a option for the fairy.
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That voice was... yeah, that's right. He sounds like he needs to say something, why not listen?

"What is it, Suzaku?"
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"Yeah. I'm just..." A sigh. "Is there anything we can do anymore?"