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Characters: Arthur and Conquest students
Format: Action or prose.
This log is: open
Location: In his class room
Summary: Crime solving class!
Warnings: Possible violence?

[ on each desk there was ink, paper and jars.

arthur stood in front of his class and begin to explain what was going to happen for the day ]

Good afternoon, class. Today's lesson can be difficult — we're going to learn how to identify different fingerprints.

[ he's dipping his fingers in the ink and pressing it against the paper ]

Once you've made your finger print, exchange with your partner, and I shall go over the instructions.
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[Finger painting! Kotaro liked Arthur, who was a black blood like himself, but he didn't really understand this class or what he was supposed to be doing.

He didn't really understand most his lessons, and was often found daydreaming or drawing. Now he is dipping his finger in the ink to make pretty pictures on the paper.]
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[Kotaro looked up and gave a small grin, showing him the paper.] Drawing, I'm drawing the train see!

[He had a feeling he might be in trouble but sometimes pretending everything was fine worked with his brother. Sometimes, rarely...]
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I diiiid [Sort of...] You said put your fingers in the ink and... [And that was when his concentration had wandered.]
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[Confused look] What's detention?
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[He pulls a face] That sounds boring.
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But I waaas, it's just boring!