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Assembly [Both Schools]

Sunday dawned more rainy than Saturday, and students would wake to an announcement directing them to their foyers for assembly. Those who were observant would have realised that yesterday though the train had arrived it had been empty of people, supplies had been delivered but the prefects hadn't been sent to meet anyone.

So perhaps the worried faces of the headmistresses and head prefects made sense, and those that had been here a while might worry a little about the fact the screen flickered to life and Dunleavy appeared.

"Grettings students of Fortitude and Conquest, I hope I find you well and ready for another round of fighting." Her voice was as calm as usual. "And fight I hope you will, I know that both Dolorosa and Day have tried to stress to you the importance of what you do here and your attempts of opening the towers have been successful."

She paused for a moment, "However you have to fight more, I know there is not many of you and so there are not that many Players chosen, but that is a reason for you all to fight more. Fight everyone you can, fight them twice. I do not want you to fail, nor do any of the others. You cannot fail, it is not an option."

She looked at them sternly, "I am not Day, I will not use her methods to persuade you and I am taking this assembly because I hope you will listen to calm reason. Well done to all those that won last round and I hope to have at least one round winner to announce next week."

After that worrying address the screen went black and the players for the next week came up.


Suzaku Kururugi


Komachi Onozuka
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Shion listened with growing worry, he had been a Player the last few rounds and worried that he hadn't been doing well enough. He would have to work harder this time, they had to get home.

He looked around for anyone he knew.
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Suzaku stood through the assembly with a frown, angry at himself about what had happened with Cirno and Yuka (both of whom he was now avoiding). When his name came up on the screen he looked around for Vane.
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Re: Conquest

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Suzaku may have been trying to avoid Yuka, but Yuka had other ideas.

Which is why she was now standing in front of him with an expectant look on her face.
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Oh... Well that avoidance strategy had failed. "Yuka?" He nodded his head politely at her, the guilt clear in his eyes.
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"Hello, Suzaku. I couldn't help but notice that you're a Player and I'm a Weapon..." Yuka smiled warmly. "How would you like to work together for a while?"
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Suzaku blinked at her, "You wish to join with me?" He sounded surprised; he was.
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"I wish to send certain messages unambiguously." Yuka paused for a moment to get her thoughts in order. "I don't know if you were chosen to administer that punishment in a deliberate attempt to drive a wedge between us. Nor can I guess why someone might do that. Either way, I don't blame you for it, and I have no intention of letting anyone think they can pick my enemies for me. This should make that clear to everyone."

She paused again, before noting "... Unless they just think I'm a masochist."
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Suzaku nodded, he didn't know why either apart from the fact Santana hated him. But he agreed with her plan, it would be best to show that they couldn't control them in any way.

He shrugged, "People call me a masochist all the time. You're in good company."
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Yuka laughed. "We'd better try not to cause a situation where I'd have to punish you, or people might really get the wrong idea!"
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Suzaku nodded, not smiling back. But Yuka should be used to that from him by now. "Let us hope that doesn't need to happen."
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Merlin frowned worriedly and stared at the screen having no idea if his name was up there, if he would have to be one of those that fought as much as the mayor wished him to.

He looked around for Komachi or Asagi; anyone who could tell him if his name was there.
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Cirno had barely even looked up to see who was a player. She was listening to what was being said but her heart was just not in it at the moment. She was going to do what was asked but at the moment, she wanted to just figure things out...and avoid both Yuka and Suzaku for a while. She just didn't want to know what she would do if she ran into them. So she's just wandering the room a bit, not really looking where she is going....
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Conquest: Threadjacking Wanted Here!

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Kaoru looked up at the board, giving a sigh of relief when neither his nor Hikaru's names appeared.

"Oniichan, your name isn't up there. You're not a Player this round. We're still Weapons."

Kaoru looked a little upset. He hated sharing his brother with anyone, but he would never tell anyone.
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Hikaru smiled at first, but then looked a little worried at Kaoru's expression. "We can't be separated though."
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Kaoru looked up and gave Hikaru a fake smile.

"I know. Especially not as long as we have these." Kaoru indicated the link charms.
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"Exactly, so cheer up." Come on, Kaoru, smile. Hikaru smiles encouragingly
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Aria was not unfamiliar with being alone for lengths of time, including time adding up to years (though it was uncommon). Even so, she enjoyed the company of others who were friendly to her. Subsequently, Aria began searching for Yuka. But first, Aria studied the announcement board and noticed Yuka was NOT a Player this round. Well, it might make it a little more difficult to get back in touch with her, but not impossible.

"YUKA!" Aria was shouting, searching for her friend as she jumped up and down searching for that shock of green hair. If people were staring at her regarding her antics, Aria took no notice.
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"Aria!" Yuka ran over and hugged the other woman. "I'm really glad to see you. With all the things that have been happening... well, I was kind of worried."
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Well, it was about time. Over the past weeks he'd grown tired of being a Weapon.

It was time for him to fight, and fight he would... if someone would be his Weapon.