Jun. 16th, 2012

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Tomorrow after classes end, we will be opening another of the six towers situated about Rakuen -- this time, the one located on Conquest's campus. If you do not wish to be caught up in the ensuing battle, I recommend you remain indoors.

Suzaku, Sora, and I will be representing the Red, Black, and White dormitories, respectively. We still require a representative from Fortitude's Pale dorm. Furthermore, anyone who wishes to accompany us to provide support, either as a Player or a Weapon, is encouraged to join us.
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As before, I will be taking command of the actual battle. Players, you have a responsibility to all of those around you to collect the weapons with the most compatible upgrades to your battle style and spreading them to your battery of Weapons. Dual wield penalties did not apply during the previous battle. Draw a sword from someone and put it in the hands of someone that can use it best. There was also an elemental advantage enjoyed by some weapons during the last battle. When we know what that is, those weapons with that advantage are of the highest priority. Those with swords will be the front line, and those with ranged weapons will be the second. If we maintain and even, strong, steady line of attack against it, we will surely win.

I'm not interested in entertaining any criticism anyone may have regarding my suitability for this role. Either listen to what I have to tell you and be assured of victory, or ignore me and be defeated.
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Shion, Alex, you heard the announcement. The tower's opening. You know what that means for me, I'll be inside where it's safe. Want to come hang out in my dorm while the people that won't get killed fight?
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