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Thunderstorm (Attn: All)

As classes continue on Friday the weather gets continuously worse until teachers announce that the last class will be cancelled. Screens display the message that all students must report to their dorms but power outages and flickers render them mostly ineffectual. Prefects are instead sent out, armed with waterproofs to make sure all students make it back to their dorms.

Thunder crashes and lightning lights up the sky as the lights flicker and the wind gets steadily louder. Students are required to remain inside, prefects are sent round with snacks and all prepare themselves for a long, wet and windy afternoon.

text → action

We're taking Jake's dream corpse into the arena tower.

Anyone who wants to join us should meet us there shortly.

[ By "we", Dirk means himself along with Brobot (who's carrying the body), Jake, Jane and anyone else who wanted to come along. Jade maybe? Anyone, really. Characters not from Homestuck are welcome too.

He'll be answering questions via PDA as they walk to the tower. ]
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[No header needed. Let's put it this way:

Bubblecup has remembered how to fly. Dirk is her player.

Hell. Fucking. Yes.

Feel free to comment on the amazing aerial hijinks.]


[Oh god it's one of those posts where Santana is smiling. This can only end well]

I've put it off for long enough but it's about time for me to start teaching a class. Technically I should have started it round 1 but [she waves a hand dismissively] since I'm 18 I don't really need to teach. Except all the other classes are really boring, I'm sure all you teachers will miss me dearly.

This is just a warning, get read to learn how to cheer, with a side of gymnastics, of course. I'll be sure to whip you all into shape, god knows you need it.

[she pauses for a moment to look around her room as she considers her next words]

Would anyone be interested in making a glee club? Can anyone besides me even sing?
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[Bubblecup is prancing around on camera, dancing to a rather silly song. It may sound familiar to some. Or it may be infectiously new for others.]

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Soapy fun! [Open]

Characters: Kotaro and everyone
Format: Whichever
This log is: Open!
Location: In town, outside the toy shop
Summary: Kotaro is 'working', bubbles ensue, come and visit him!
Warnings: None
Giant bubbles for all )

[Video] - Accessible from the whole network

[On screen is a very exuberant pony. She's practically vibrating with excitement. And her eyes are crossed.]

Hi everypony! I'm Bubblecup! I'm from Ponyville-- Well, technically Cloudsdale because I'm a pegasus! See? [She flaps her wings haphazardly and lowers her head so she can show them off better.] But I mostly hang out in Ponyville. Well, before I got here to play this really fun game with you guys.

But I have a really important question! Are you ready for it? Everypony pay attention!--teehee I sounded like Cheerilee

Why are all of you walking on two legs, and can you teach me? I promise I'm a really quick learner! And I'll try not to bump into people too much. [Somehow that last sentence seems less than sincere.]