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[The first thing you notice is that the video feed is shaking slightly. It's mostly pointed up towards the ceiling, but you can see Dave's back as he seems to be hunched over something at his desk. There's a crap ton of wire taped over the ceiling of his bed and area, photos being hung with clothespins fro them. Generally speaking, it seems that Dave has settled into his dorm, and it's starting to get a little messy. Hopefully no one in his dorm minds that his shelves are covered with, what looks to be, some dead animals preserved strangely. There's a few bugs encased in tree sap and he even has a jar with...well you aren't sure what it is from the video feed.

The next thing you know is that there's some music playing. It isn't anything that the locals are playing at the little post dungeon party, but something you'd hear at a club. Dave is swaying back and forth to the music, his foot tapping to the beat and his head bobbing slightly. He finally pulls the headphones off his ears, so they can rest around his neck. Dave gets up from his seat and makes his way over, turning off the feed. A minute or two later though, there's some text.

my friends
is how music should be done

[If you live in the Black dorms, you might notice your walls are shaking and constantly hearing his music. Well, sucks to be you. It doesn't seem like he's stopping anytime soon.]

[Failed Private Lock to Jade Harley, John Egbert, and Rose Lalonde.]

lets go swimming
oh gdi
that was supposed to be private
lets do this
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Oh no you don't! Arthur England Kirkland, you get your butt back here right now and give me back that upgrade I bought you! You don't get to mysteriously disappear and waste all that money I spent on you!

Mega bogus, you guys! Don't you think we should all get refunds if people vanish after you spent good money on them?!

((OOC: Sorry for the obnoxious font, she's been talking to Dave too much.))
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uh, okay, i think i passed out and then woke up in the nurse's office or something.
and i have a hell of a headache.
what happened?

[sent to Dave's PDA]

lol, hey man.
why the hell were you singing to me in text?
you're a dumbass.
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hi guys!
soooooooo apparently i'm a player this round.
i totally would've hung out after assembly to vow with some folks but i had some pressing business to attend to.
so i am looking for a weapon!
anybody i vow with gets full rights to do whatever and eat whatever.
i'm definitely gonna be battling but if you don't want to, that's cool too, just lemme know.

so, anybody still need a player to vow with?
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Characters: John Egbert AND YOU
Format: Whichever you like
This log is: open
Location: Fortitude dining hall
Summary: At whatever given meal you like, John is sitting calmly at the Discard table.
Warnings: Ridiculous deaf boy?
I'm happy where I am )
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Characters: Everyone
Format: Whatever your heart desires
This log is: open
Location: Everywhere (for this day only all may leave campus, including discards! As long as they are back by 9pm!)
Summary: RED DAY
Warnings: Red Day Shenanigans


1. Giving someone food made with love
2. Giving someone flowers
3. Giving someone a gift
4. Going on a date
5. Giving an apple to your esteemed rival!
6. Throwing an apple at your esteemed rival! With all the force of your youth!
7. Reciting beautiful poetry to your esteemed rival!
8. Ditto ballads
9. Ditto rock anthems from the roof of the gym
10. Presenting your rival with a candy heart, lovingly rendered in full size sugar and syrup, and apparently modeled after the heart of a great warrior from ages past. It beats! Now available from Rakettear.
11. Apologizing to your rival profusely for the handmade abomination they are unwrapping
12. Boggling vacantly at the above.

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Characters: John Egbert [AU], Dave Strider [AU], and YOU!
Format: Choose-Your-Own Adventure!
This log is: Open for business
Location: The park
Warnings: ...teenagers?
John's an Aries. )
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Hey guys, this is Aisha Clanclan. I'm sure all of you are matched up by now, but if you need a Player . . . well, you know the drill. But that's not really what this is for.

I want to fight. More than one at a time. It's how I did it back home, and it worked for me there. [She is still so very very angry.] Any of you guys up for it? Ugh, I hate this stupid Exaclan crap, I wish . . .

But anyway, let me know. Oh, and John! I've got a decent telescope, let's find someplace to use it!
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so that asl stuff
i talked about
like last week
meeting up at the park
in town
so you know
you cool kids from conquest can chill
and get your sign on
itll be afterschool
so no one tries to repent for missing class or something
itll be
fuck why do i always forget their names?!
itll be my best bro and myself
well bring books too
and i guess start with the basics and shit
no biggie

[Private to Vriska] )


Feb. 5th, 2012 05:42 pm
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Characters: Anyone!!
Format: action or prose
This log is: open
Location: cafeteria kitchen
Summary: Baking before the big sleepover
Warnings: will update?
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Characters: John Egbert (AU) & Sis Strider
Format: Prose. :| (unless Bri decides she wants action. so really, unknown.)
This log is: closed
Location: the dock
Summary: John is worried about Dave, and thinks that his big sister will probably know how to deal with upset Dave better than he does.
Warnings: ...copious doofiness from the deaf kid? iunno.
Should I stay or should I go? )
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Characters: John Egbert (AU) and Jade Harley
Format: action
This log is: closed
Location: Fortitude, black dorms
Summary: Jade's been MIA, John's pretty sure he knows what happened and goes searching ALL THE DOORS for his wayward ectosis. (Spoiler: he finds her under her bed.)
Warnings: Cuddles, the angst that you've come to expect from the Homestuck AUs in the past week. (also, ignore the bloody nose in that icon, shhhhhh)
And she was looking to the sky )
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Characters: Dave Strider, Oichi, Marisa Kirisame, John Egbert, Shion, Vriska Serket, Aisha Clanclan, Sora Himoto, Yuki Yagizawa, any of Dave's Weapons not being transferred
Format: Any/Either
This log is: Closed
Location: Fortitude Gates
Summary: In two days, Dave has literally gotten bad to worst. Now he's transferring friends and people he's acquainted himself to in an attempt to avoid them.
Warnings: Probably more sad shit will happen. ALL THE WARNINGS.
Go, It's Over )
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Gino Weinberg vs. Dave Strider

Weapons: Aisha Clanclan and John Egbert
Location: Battle arena.
Time of day: HIGH NOON. Backdated to... idek Tuesday was it? Yeah.

Read more... )
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wow i cant believe im going to ask about this shit
is anyone interested in asl???
if you think im referring to age sex location
13 male here but usually texas
also fuck you ill curb stomp you if you start making jokes
but i mean american sign language
if you dont know what an american is
its not that fucking important so dont ask about that either
but i guess
egbert and i would be willing to start some club shit
to teach you guys
seeing as this whole conversing thing is a little bit of a pain in the ass otherwise
since i have your undivided attention
who the fuck has sis strider at conquest???
i know shes been claimed at this point and anyone telling me otherwise
doesnt realize how fucking important a strider is
but if you got sis
then tell me
yes this is a challenge
exaclan bullshit

Open Log

Jan. 24th, 2012 06:26 pm
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Characters: Britannia and yooou~
Format: action/prose
This log is: open
Location: Dock area in the evening, just before the sun sets.
Summary: Britannia's relaxing and has no one to bother. Yet.
Warnings: Nothing yet.


Jan. 24th, 2012 04:02 pm
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hi, everyone!
my name's john egbert, i'm new which is why most of you don't know me, heh.
i know it's probably silly because dave would've found someone, but is there anyone here who knows american sign language?
it's just that i'm deaf, so it's the easiest way for me to communicate, and so far dave's the only person who knows how to do it.
if not, that's cool, and thanks for your time.
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