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Characters: Lelouch vi Britannia, Suzaku Kururugi, Kevin Smith, Jade Harley, Dave Strider, Gino Weinberg
Format: Prose preferred due to EPIC
This Log Is: Closed!
Location: the arena tower
Summary: This thread is dated to IC Tuesday, which is OOC Friday. I've posted it early so as to give people plenty of time to tag and make progress on it before then, when the mods will post with the effect it will have on the game.
Warnings: None right now

ONE LAST NOTE! FOR ALL THAT IS GOOD AND AWESOME TRACK THIS POST! Because there are so many people in this post, I've gotten permission to put an extra rule on it. If the person before you has not tagged in 24 hours (and you've made attempts to contact them) skip them in the order and move on. IF THIS IS NOT SOMETHING YOU THINK YOU CAN DEAL WITH, LET ME KNOW. I'll grab someone else. Lelouch may need to hijack the thread order, depending on what's going on, because he's in Commander Mode. If he does, continue on after that as the order goes.

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a) [ astronomy class/open ]

In an attempt to look like he's actually doing his job, and thus avoid Santana's wrath, on Wednesday Golbez hands out a pop quiz on the inner solar system. If you've been paying even the slightest amount of attention to your textbook, you should have no trouble passing.

Feel free to look over your friends' shoulders or whatever it is kids do when they cheat.

b) [ after school/closed ]

Some of the people in this city are battle-hardened warriors, and some of them are twelve-year-old tennis players. )

Closed Log

Feb. 28th, 2012 11:31 am
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Characters: Kevin Smith and Inui Sadaharu
Format: prose
This log is: closed
Location: Tennis courts in town.
Summary: It's the reunion of a couple of tennis lunatics players!
Warnings: tba
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Characters: Everyone
Format: Whatever your heart desires
This log is: open
Location: Everywhere (for this day only all may leave campus, including discards! As long as they are back by 9pm!)
Summary: RED DAY
Warnings: Red Day Shenanigans


1. Giving someone food made with love
2. Giving someone flowers
3. Giving someone a gift
4. Going on a date
5. Giving an apple to your esteemed rival!
6. Throwing an apple at your esteemed rival! With all the force of your youth!
7. Reciting beautiful poetry to your esteemed rival!
8. Ditto ballads
9. Ditto rock anthems from the roof of the gym
10. Presenting your rival with a candy heart, lovingly rendered in full size sugar and syrup, and apparently modeled after the heart of a great warrior from ages past. It beats! Now available from Rakettear.
11. Apologizing to your rival profusely for the handmade abomination they are unwrapping
12. Boggling vacantly at the above.

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[ yeah he's been ordered to do this and wow is he unhappy about it. ]

An hour ago, someone in Rakuen went below zero raks. The penalty will now commence.

[ ooc: and because it just hit the hour, someone, randomly selected, is now subjected to five minutes of the warning penalty. This will happen every hour, on the hour, to a different person each time, until the person who triggered it has at least one rak. Volunteer here. The penalties will hit Kevin Smith, Feferi Peixes and Tear before it is stopped. ]
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Characters: Golbez, open to anyone at Conquest
Format: Either
This log is: open
Location: Astronomy class
Summary: Stars are astronomical, right?
Warnings: Astronomy :|
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[Tacked on the inside entry doors of both dorm buildings for both schools. Typed, with what some might recognize as the flag of the Black Knights behind the words.]

Prisoners of Rakuen:

I am Zero. Some of you may know me, and would ally yourselves with me. Others would seek me out and have me unmasked. What I bring to you today, however, is unity. There is one unalienable truth that unites us all in ways we need only open our eyes to see.

That one truth is that we are all united in is that we are all prisoners of the Rakuen system. We are all forced to fight our friends, family, and loved ones, to unknown ends. We are all marionettes on the strings of a faceless puppeteer that uses his power over others to enslave them and force them to do his bidding.

But this has not always been the case. There are whispers about how the last session of this game ended. Freedom is possible for those that would stand and take it for themselves. The Prefects, the Headmistresses, and indeed, even the Mayor herself are all merely cogs in this machine.

And this machine is one I will tear down piece by piece and gear by gear until nothing remains. None will be left behind, and none that oppose me will find mercy. If you would join me, seek me out. If you would oppose me, then you endeavor to continue your own incarceration.

- 0

((Read Me First!:Feel free to mingle amongst yourselves as characters begin their days with this lovely treatise! Look for your school and dorm color and tag under there!))
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Characters: PROFESSOR WEINBERG AND YOU. Yes all of you.
Format: ANY
This log is: v. v. open
Location: Conquest's Fashion classroom
Summary: I'll make a code geass cast member out of you. aka bring on the ruffles and cat-ear headbands.
Warnings: Gino.
this ain't a scene it's a train wreck )
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Characters: Golbez, and anyone from Conquest
Format: Whatever
This log is: open
Location: Astronomy class
Summary: OUTER SPACE. In theory, anyway.
imagine that there's something witty here )
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The storm doesn't let up through the rest day, but by the next day the power is back, the staff are looking moderately less nervous, and the weather is light enough that the usual announcement rings over the speakers in the morning.

"The announcements will start at noon. Will all students please report to the lobby for that time."

Umbrellas are now scattered around the campus at useful points, including the dormitory common rooms and the entrance to the school buildings. Helpful, because the rain is as heavy as ever today. When you arrive in the lobby, the screens are all lit and the receptionists are back at their desk and smiling at old students and new arrivals both.

At twelve o'clock exactly )
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Characters: Gino and YOU
Format: Any
This log is: OPEN
Location: Everywhere.
Summary: [palette swap] Ordering a present for Anya: a day's wait at in the lobby. Realising you've got a camera just in time for everyone to go multicoloured: priceless.
Warnings: Gino.
all those flashing lights )
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Characters: Kevin Smith & -insert name here-
Format: ACKSHUN!
This log is: o p e n
Location: outside the dorms
Summary: Kevin's working through some of his inner demons by doing the one thing he knows best. Play tennis.
Warnings: Possibly some swears, to be updated as needed.

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Characters: Euphemia and you~
Format: prose, action
This log is: open!
Location: The gym!
Summary: Euphemia realizes she's forgotten how to dance.
Warnings: Will update as necessary!
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Characters: Sherry Holmes, whoever else
Format: prose
This log is: open
Location: White dorm and surrounding area
Summary: Sherry plays the violin. Obnoxiously. Again.
it's starting to be kind of a pattern )
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Characters: Rolo Lamperouge
Format: prose/action
This log is: open!
Location: Entrance
Summary: Rolo's introduction post! Come bug him.
Warnings: Will add as necessary.

intro!!! )


Jan. 10th, 2011 03:56 am
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This morning, the marks of ownership disappear from the bodies of every Weapon who was owned during the previous round. The woman from the introductory video appears on the Exaclan video screens across campus, and on all of the computer screens as well.

She doesn't look very happy.

"My, you weren't very enthusiastic this time, were you?" she says, frowning and waving one finger in disappointment. "That's no good. If you don't fight, you can't earn Tokens to buy your powers or your memories back! If you don't even have those, imagine how hard it'll be to earn Legend Fragments!"

She smiles; the shift from her previous expression is sudden and startling. "You know, if you hear the legend, you just might learn a few things!

"We didn't want to do this, but it looks like we're going to have to. Okay! From now on, Players, you can only go three days without fighting. After that, we'll start taking away one Token a day. And you want your Tokens, don't you?" She smiles even more widely, as though she has no idea why anyone might be upset at being forced into such a situation. "To get you all started, we've given you some free tokens! You already had three each, you know, and we've added seven more. That means you all have ten tokens, so visit a booth and get spending."

She pauses, and then snaps her fingers, "Ah, but only Players can do that, so if any of your Weapons want to buy something, you should do it for them, okay?

"I know you can do it! Believe in yourselves and each other, and you'll achieve utopia!

"Now, here are the Players for this round!"

The screen goes blank, and the following appears:

Fletcher Tringham
Kevin Smith
Mei Chang
Meryl Silverburgh
Suzaku Kururugi
Tsuki Aoi
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Dave Strider vs. Gino Weinberg

Weapons: Sherlock Holmes, Kevin Smith

[it's about time they got all of this started, Gino thinks. He hasn't read much of the manual yet, and it's been quite a while since he's fought out of a Knightmare's cockpit, so the prospect of losing is quite blatantly there, hovering around. He hasn't said anything, half from pure competitive spirit and half because Kevin would throw some kind of teenage hissy fit if Gino admitted he was okay with losing him in battle for the sake of experiment and fun.

besides, it's still going to be a chance to have a mock fight without the possibility of actually killing his short, shades-sporting roommate. If he ignores the situation, it's almost like a friendly duel rather than a part of a bigger, inexplicable game.]

Got any advice for me? [he grins at Kevin, again. It's practically habit. And the guy's probably read more of the manual.]
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